Tenure Solutions

Effectively managing your workforce to meet organizational objectives on time and on budget is a difficult task. Anticipating and meeting demand with high-quality talent requires a lot of effort and resources. Unless you have a large talent pool on the ready, it is challenging to secure the right people when needed. Organizations create multiple strategies including; perm hiring, contingent workforce programs, hiring independent contractors and freelancers as and when needed. Each strategy is fraught with limitations and risks including that of co-employment. In 2000 Microsoft paid a $97 million settlement to independent contractors and agency contractors who argued they’d become “common-law” employees. Since the Microsoft ruling, court proceedings have helped further shape the rules around co-employment and the debate continues. The alternative, direct hiring and training is time intensive and costly. A good risk mitigation strategy is working with a managed services partner to help address real-time staffing needs.
Accelon provides managed services tailored to our clients specific needs to mitigate co-employment risk. Leveraging our recruiting strengths we offer solutions across multiple functions including; Governance, Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance and Reporting, Cyber Security and application development.

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